* I am talking about Steve Jobs here, but this is obviously subjective


PowerPoint has a “Rehearse with Coach” function. It’s decent if you tend to speak too quickly or struggle with your “uhm”s. It isn’t much use for anything else.

If Microsoft really wanted to improve presentations, they should makes these 3 changes instead:

  1. Fix the templates to reflect good presentation design
  2. Provide slide design guidance
  3. Use artificial intelligence to assist with formatting

I hate to admit it, but I actually like PowerPoint. A lot has been said about it making presentations worse over the years but for…

Natalie and Ryan checking out the remote firing set-up — “Up in the air” (2009, Paramount Pictures)


I believe that Corona will change consulting but that doesn’t mean everything will stay as it is now with home-office being the norm and frequent flier accounts dormant. “Up in the air” shows why the world after the lockdowns end might look remarkably similar to the world before the lockdowns: Consultants leaving home on Monday, spending four (or five if you are unlucky/ really don’t like your family) days at the client’s office and returning only for office Friday.

Key takeaways from the movie:

  1. Replacing business travel with videoconferencing isn’t a new idea, “Up in the air” was released…

Tim Miller

Digital strategy consultant. Knows enough about many topics to be dangerous and enough about some to be useful

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